Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Library open?

Library hours are posted in the left side-bar (below the page contents in mobile view). 

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How do I get my Student ID/Library Card?
  • Please come to the Library or one of the CVCC Off-Campus centers to have your card made.  New CVCC Student ID/Library Cards will be issued no earlier than three weeks prior to when each semester starts. 
  • A form of government-issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) must be presented.  If you have no photo ID, a birth certificate or Social Security card will be accepted.
  • After the information has been verified, your photo will be taken. Those who come to the Library will be able to receive their card after it is made at the circulation desk. Those who have their photo taken at an Off-Campus Center will have to wait several days before the card is made and shipped to the Center.
  • There’s no charge for your first ID Card; if you lose your card and need a replacement, the charge is $10.00 (subject to increase).  Replacement cards are only issued to students who are currently enrolled in classes.
  • The card is valid only if you are a currently enrolled student.  The expiration date on the card (two years from date of issue) is for replacement purposes only.  If you stop taking CVCC classes, hold onto the card; it will be valid again if you resume taking classes.
NOTE:  When you enroll during or after the three week period, please allow at least twenty-four hours for the library to get your record to make an ID.
These IDs can be used for GLTC bus service.  

If you have any questions about this, please call the Library at 434.832.7750.

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How do I find out if the Library has a particular book?

You may search QuickSearch to see if it is in the Library's holdings.

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How long may I keep a book that I've checked out?

Books checked out by students circulate for a period of four weeks. 

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What is the overdue fine for returning materials late? What is the charge for lost materials?

The Library does not charge fines for materials returned late. However, a hold is put on the records of students with overdue materials. For lost library materials, the charge is $50 per item. Students must have a clear library record before being able to register for classes.

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Can I access library resources from home?

Yes. Go to the Library Research page. This page lists a variety of excellent electronic library resources available to students and faculty. When accessing an electronic database from off-campus, you will be directed to the MYVCCS page. Simply enter your MYVCCS login and password.

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Does the Library have computers available for public use?

Yes. Computers in the library are intended to provide access to the library catalog, electronic library resources, the Internet and Microsoft Office applications. They may be used to search for information, research term paper topics, explore interests and use applications already loaded.

Access to computers and electronic resources in the library is open to everyone with a valid CVCC library card. All users must agree to abide by the Student/Patron Acceptable Use Policy and all student conduct guidelines in the Student Handbook .

Remote access to the library's electronic resources is available to CVCC faculty, staff, and students registered for any credit or non-credit course at CVCC, including synchronous or asynchronous learning courses. See directions for accessing Library E-resources.

The Internet

The Internet is available on all computers in the library.  Documents printed from the Internet are $.05 per page with the first five pages free. There is no charge for blank sheets or pages with only a header.

Unacceptable uses of library computers

  • Users may not download or upload any software, plug-ins, or files except for their own work in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Users may not add or remove any bookmarks.
  • Users may not access the hard drive to browse or change configuration files.
  • Users may not violate the Student/Patron Acceptable Use Policy and all student conduct guidelines in the Student Handbook .


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May I use my laptop in the Library? May I hook it up to the Internet?

Yes, the Library has a wireless network which is accessible within the Library and from the parking lot behind the Library (Bedford Hall.)   

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I have a USB drive/jump drive/flash drive. Can I use it on Library Computers?

Yes, you are welcome to use your USB/jump/flash drive in the Library's computers.


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Can I print out computer documents on the Library printer?

Yes -- items printed from any of the Library's computers are $.05 per page with the first five pages free daily. There will be no charge for blank sheets or pages with only a header.


How do I find my student e-mail address?

Look up your username at myCVCC.

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Do you have a photocopier?
No, the Library does not have a public copier. One of our public computers has a scanner attached to it and you may save to your USB drive and/or print out a document which has been scanned. 

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Do you have a scanner available for students?

Yes, please see above.

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Do you sell USB drives/jump drives/flash drives?

No, you must provide your own USB drive. They may be purchased in the Bookstore.  

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Do you offer fax services?

We do not offer fax services in the Library. 

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Do you have color printers?

No, the Library does not have a color printer. 

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Can you give me more information about Open Educational Resources (OER)?

Refer to the Open Educational Resources (OER) LibGuide for detailed information. 

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Can I save my documents to the library computers?

No, you may not save documents to a CVCC Library computer. We encourage you to have a USB drive with you and save to that.

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