Early College is a cohort program where high school students earn an Associate Degree in General Studies concurrent with their last two years of high school.

Admittance to this rigorous program is competitive. Your admittance will put you on the fast track to success by earning your Associates Degree.  

If you plan to continue your education beyond your Associates Degree, we strongly encourage you to understand the requirements for the degree you will be pursuing at the college or university in which you plan to transfer.  This includes consulting with an advisor at the four- year institution for further transfer assistance. It is best to gain this understanding prior to beginning the Early College program.

Early College programs and admittance requirements vary among the school districts. Speak with you high school counselor to learn about your school district's program.  If you are a homeschool student, please contact our Dual Enrollment offic to learn more.  The links below provide the class detail for the programs.