Whether you are a veteranfoster youth, international student, high school student, out-of-state student, student with disabilities or senior citizen we have programs to help you.
After completing/submitting the online application, via the APPLY link above, please click “CONTINUE” within your browser to learn your SIS ID, myCVCC username and to set your myCVCC password.
Obtaining your Student ID, myCVCC username and setting your myCVCC password

Upon submission of your online application, you will see a message in your web browser, e.g. chrome, that includes a statement congratulating you and a "CONTINUE" button.  At this point you have an account and a username that can be used to access CVCC's online systems.  

Click the "CONTINUE" button, and a new page will open displaying your Student identification number.  This number uniquely identifies you within the Virginia Community College System.  This is in an important number to keep.  Please record it and have it available whenever you are using CVCC's online systems and/or talking with CVCC employees.  This page also includes a "CONTINUE" button.  

Click the "CONTINUE" button and the Student Information -- Username/Password page will open.  Here you will be provided your myCVCC username and opportunity to set your myCVCC password.  Your myCVCC username and password are what you will use to access CVCC's online services.  If you don't set your password at this time, including the required security questions, you will have to work with a CVCC employee to set your password before you can access CVCC's online services.  This page also includes a "CONTINUE" button.  

Click the "CONTINUE" button and a page will open providing you the opportunity to print a PDF version of your CVCC application.  This is the last step.