Central Virginia Community College and Liberty University Dual Admission and Enrollment Agreement
October 17, 2016
  1. This agreement enables interested and qualified students to enroll jointly at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) and Liberty University (LU). The agreement applies only to LU Residential Degree Programs and is limited to a maximum of 50 students. A qualified student for admission must have completed a high school diploma or GED. A student must enroll in at least 6 credit hours per semester at CVCC to qualify for this program.

  2. CVCC and LU will each identify a liaison staff member who will coordinate the admission process and collaborate on admissions decisions.

  3. Any student accepted under the Dual Admission and Enrollment Agreement will begin at CVCC in an Associate of Arts and Sciences (AA&S) or Associate of Science (AS) degree program. These are the two CVCC programs which qualify for the Guaranteed Admission Articulation Agreement. Upon completion of the academic requirements stipulated in the dual admission offer, a student will transfer to and complete the bachelor's degree at Liberty University.

  4. A student will apply directly to CVCC and LU and is required to submit all of the required information in support of the application for dual admission to be a regularly admitted student to both institutions. First time enrollment for students will be in either the fall or spring semester. The CVCC Registrar's Office will inform the LU Registrar's Office when a student in good standing at CVCC has graduated and may now finish the final two years of education at LU. The student is required to notify CVCC and LU that they accept admission under this dual agreement before enrollment begins.

  5. Each college will evaluate the application and will confer about the appropriate dual admissions decision. Applicants will be notified of the decision as follows:

    • Admission Approved - the student is admitted concurrently to CVCC and to LU as eligible for dual enrollment.

    • Admission Decision Deferred - the student must make satisfactory academic progress at CVCC for future dual admission consideration at LU. Courses to be completed and grade point requirements will be specified by LU. When LU is considered the Home institution, LU's Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and Academic Standing standards will apply.

    • Denial - student is not currently admissible for dual admission.

  6. During the first two years at CVCC in the Associates level program, CVCC will be considered the Home institution and Liberty will be considered the Host institution for financial aid processing purposes. After earning the Associate's degree at CVCC, during the student's full-time enrollment at LU, LU will be considered the Home institution and CVCC will be considered the Host institution for financial aid processing purposes.

  7. CVCC will assign an academic advisor once the student is enrolled at CVCC. This person will work with the student to ensure that all requirements related to the dual enrollment plan are met so that credits will transfer to LU.

  8. LU will identify an academic advisor once the student is enrolled at CVCC who will work with the student, and the students' advisor at CVCC, to ensure that all requirements related to the dual enrollment plan are met so that credits transfer to LU and that courses necessary for efficient progress at LU towards the Bachelor's degree are successfully completed in a timely manner.

  9. LU will provide an appropriate orientation experience for new CVCC students at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. A student must obtain an LU ID before the start of their LU classes. An LU New Student Orientation fee may apply.

  10. CVCC students admitted to this program may take one course per semester at LU (and this does not include summer). Students may enroll in pre-requisite or gateway courses for their major or one other course of their choosing provided that space is available in the class, that pre requisites for that course have been satisfactorily completed and that (for Title IV financial aid eligibility) the course specifically meets a requirement for the student's Degree Completion Plan. Students who enroll at LU as a part of the dual enrollment program, while CVCC is the Home institution, must be in good academic standing at CVCC.

  11. The credits for any course successfully completed at LU will transfer back to CVCC and be applied to the students' associate degree requirements as previously approved by the Registrar at each institution. Registrar's Offices at each institution will exchange transcripts on at least a semester by semester basis.

  12. Students will pay the tuition charges for each enrolled course, at CVCC rates, to CVCC. CVCC will then transfer these tuition funds to LU. The LU Student Accounts Office will charge standard tuition rates for courses taken at LU and then provide a discount, so that the net tuition charge is equivalent to CVCC rates, through an exemption process at LU.

  13. Students admitted through the dual enrollment program will have the opportunity to utilize the Montview Student Center, the Jerry Falwell Library and attend convocation.

  14. The student becomes ineligible to continue under this cooperative program if enrollment is broken (one or more Fall/Spring semester not attended) at either the Home or Host institution.

  15. Upon the student's satisfactory completion of the conditions set for dual admission to CVCC and LU, and with the student's written request, CVCC will send a transcript and other pertinent documents to the Admissions Office at LU.

  16. Following successful completion of a qualified associate's degree, the student will transition from part-time host enrollment at LU to full-time home enrollment at LU. The student will be required to complete the FAFSA for financial aid at LU. Completing of the LU Financial Check-In process will also be required when LU is the Home institution. An official CVCC transcript must be submitted to LU verifying completion of the Associate of Arts and Sciences or Associate of Science degree.

  17. The LU Registrar will review the student's CVCC transcript and identify courses that will meet specific requirements at LU.

  18. Students participating in this agreement will be eligible to be considered for LU scholarships designated for transfer students and to participate in transfer student scholarship competitions after earning the associate's level degree and when LU is considered the Home institution. Students are responsible to request official transfer of credit.

  19. Both CVCC and LU will promote the Dual Admission and Enrollment Agreement program to qualified students during regular admission recruiting cycles and as applications are reviewed throughout those cycles and during CVCC coursework.

  20. Both CVCC and LU will abide by Title IV federal regulations required for the processing of financial aid including, but not limited to, the prohibition for incentive based recruitment or financial aid processing; compliance with FERPA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Records Safekeeping and record retention requirements; mutual cooperation for institutional audit activity; and maintenance of up-to-date student consumer information disclosure and Student "Right-To-Know" information.

This agreement is open to annual review/revision by Central Virginia Community College and Liberty University and can be terminated, with a 60 day notice, by either party.

Authorized Signatures

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Liberty University

Ronald E. Hawkins
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Liberty University

Chris E. Johnson
Executive Vice President for Enrollment Management
Liberty University

John S. Capps
Central Virginia Community College

Muriel B. Mickles
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Central Virginia Community College

Michael Farris
Dean of Enrollment Management
Central Virginia Community College