Liberty University and Central Virginia Community College have signed a Dual Admission & Enrollment agreement. This agreement allows up to 50 interested and qualified students to enroll at both CVCC and LU. The accepted students will be allowed to take one class per semester at LU, while taking a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester at CVCC.

The CVCC-LU Co-Enrollment Program is an exclusive opportunity for students who are earning their Associate’s degree at CVCC and who plan to continue their education by earning their Bachelor’s degree at LU.

In this program, students can take one course at LU per semester while they are enrolled at CVCC, and each LU course from the General Education Course List contributes toward completion of the Associate’s degree at CVCC!* Benefits of participating in this program include the opportunity to be immersed in the Liberty culture, and the ability utilize the Montview Student Union, Jerry Falwell Library, and attend Convocation. Upon completion of this program, students can transfer to LU as a full-time student with 60 credit hours from their CVCC Associate’s degree!**

*If a student participates in this program for the full 2 years, up to 12 or more LU credits may be earned prior to transferring to LU for the Bachelor’s degree.

**The maximum amount of eligible transfer credits will be applied toward the prospective LU Bachelor’s degree. Note that not all LU Bachelor’s degrees are capable of utilizing the full 60 credits earned from the CVCC Associate’s degree. Examples include, but are not limited to, the highly-specialized Engineering and Nursing degree programs.