Our Mission

Radiologic Technology at Central Virginia Community College is dedicated to providing excellence in quality education in the imaging sciences while graduating qualified entry-level radiographers who support the needs of the healthcare system.

Our Program Goals
  1. Students will demonstrate the effective communication and computer skills necessary for employment in the medical field.
  2. Students will demonstrate clinical competency in the radiography skills necessary to function as entry-level radiographers.
  3. Students will demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills relating to the duties of a radiographer.
  4. Students will demonstrate good ethical behavior and professionalism.
  • Students will demonstrate age and gender appropriate communication skills
  • Students will demonstrate effective computer skills necessary to to complete procedures
  • Students will apply the ALARA concept in practicing radiation protection to the patient, self, and others
  • Students will demonstrate accuracy and speed in producing quality radiographic images
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to select/modify positioning and procedural techniques relative to patient condition/ability
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize quality radiographic images and suggest corrections as needed
  • Students will demonstrate professional conduct and knowledge of ethical behavior
  • Students will treat patients, staff, and others in a professional manner