'Are you...'

  • seeking a certificate, diploma or degree as a pathway to your future career?
  • Looking for courses offered online?
  • interested in attending CVCC and transferring credit(s) to a four-year school?
  • interested in obtaining an industry-related credential, check out our FastForward classes?
  • interested in taking a single class or a program that requires less than a year to complete?
  • a middle/high school student interested in career exploration or taking CVCC courses while in high school?

We are here to serve everyone who seeks a brighter future through education.

Applying for Admittance

  • Admittance into most of our programs and classes begins with you completing the Online Application and then meeting with an Academic Counselor.  
  • Certain industry-related credentials and some other career training progams use a different Application.

Understanding the admittance requirements and application process for your desired program or class will benefit you greatly.  If you need additional information please refer to the contact information provided.