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Course Descriptions for: ITN
Info Technology Networking
ITN 101 - Introduction to Network Concep
Provides instruction in networking media, physical and logical topologies, common networking standards and popular networking protocols. Emphasizes the TCP/IP protocol suite and related IP addressing schemes, including CIDR. Includes selected topics in network implementation, support and LAN/WAN connectivity. Lecture 3 per week
ITN 154 - Network Fundamentals, Router B
Provides instruction in the fundamentals of networking environments, the basics of router operations, and basic router configuration. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 2 hours. Total 4 hours per week.
ITN 155 - Switching, Wireless, and WAN T
Provides the skills and knowledge to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small-to-medium sized branch office enterprise network, including configuring several switches and routers, configuring wireless devices, configuring VLANS, connecting to a WAN, and implementing network security. Lecture 2 hours. Laboratory 2 hours.
ITN 156 - Basic Switch & Routing - Cisco
Centers instruction in LAN segmentation using bridges, routers, and switches. Includes fast Ethernet, access lists, routing protocols, spanning tree protocol, virtual LANS and network management.. Lecture 4 hours per week.
ITN 157 - WAN Technologies - Cisco
Concentrates on an introduction to Wide Area Networking (WANs). Includes WAN design, LAPB, Frame Relay, ISDN, HDLC, and PPP. Lecture 4 hours per week.
ITN 260 - Network Security Basics
Provides instruction in the basics of network security in depth. Includes security objectives, security architecture, security models and security layers; risk management, network security policy, and security training. Includes the give security keys, confidentiality integrity, availability, accountability and auditability. Lecture 4 hours per week.
ITN 261 - Net Attacks, Cmp.Crime, Hackng
Encompasses in-depth exploration of various methods for attacking and defending a network. Explores network security concepts from the viewpoint hackers and their attack methodologies. Includes topics about hackers, attacks, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) malicious code, computer crime and industrial espionage. Lecture 4 hours per week.
ITN 262 - Network Communication, Securit
Covers an in-depth exploration of various communication protocols with a concentration on TCP/IP. Explores communication protocols from the point of view of the hacker in order to highlight protocol weaknesses. Includes Internet architecture, routing, addressing, topology, fragmentation and protocol analysis, and the use of various utilities to explore TCP/IP. Lecture 4 hours per week.
ITN 263 - Internet/Intranet Firewalls
Gives an in-depth exploration of firewall, Web security, and e-commerce security. Explores firewall concepts, types, topology and the firewall's relationship to the TCP/IP protocol. Includes client/server architecture, the Web server, HTML and HTTP in relation to Web Security, and digital certification, D.509, and public key infrastructure (PKI). Lecture 3 hours per week.
ITN 266 - Network Security Layers
Provides an in-depth exploration of various security layers needed to protect the network. Explores Network Security from the viewpoint of the environment in which the network operates and the necessity to secure that environment to lower the security risk to the network. Includes physical security, personnel security, operating system security, software security and database security. Lecture 4 hours per week.
ITN 267 - Legal Topics-Network Security
Conveys an in-depth exploration of the civil and common law issues that apply to network security. Explores statutes, jurisdictional, and constitutional issues related to computer crimes and privacy. Includes rules of evidence, seizure and evidence handling, court presentation and computer privacy in the digital age. Lecture 3 hours per week.
ITN 275 - Incident Response and Computer
Prepares the student for a role on an organizational IT support staff where the need for resolving computer incidents is becoming increasingly common. Includes legal and ethical issues of search and seizure of computer and peripheral storage media leading to laboratory exercises examining computers configured with mix of both simulated criminal and other activities which are not criminal in nature, but do violate scenario-driven organizational policy. Requires the student to make choices/recommendations for further pursuit of forensics evidence gathering and analysis. Students will select and gather the utilities and procedures necessary for a court-acceptable forensics toolkit which will then be used to gather and examine specially configured desktop computers. Students will then participate in a mock court proceeding using the collected evidence. Credit will be given to either ITN 275 or ITN 276 and ITN 277, but not all three courses.
ITN 299 - Supervised Study in ITN
Assigns problems for independent study incorporating previous instruction and supervised by the instructor. Variable hours.
ITN 299 - Supervised Study in ITN
Assigns problems for independent study incorporating previous instruction and supervised by the instructor. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.