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Classes in ALL Subjects - Fall 2019
Low-cost Textbook classes
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Art (ART)
131-01MAFund Design IMain Campus8:00-10:10am (TR)Lofaso
141-01MATypography IMain Campus2:00-4:10pm (TR)Hobbs
180-01MAIntro Comp GraMain Campus10:20-12:30pm (TR)Hobbs
251-01MACommun Dsgn IMain Campus2:00-4:10pm (MW)Hobbs
283-01MAComp Graph IMain Campus10:20-12:20pm (MW)Hobbs
Biology (BIO)
101-01MAGen Biol IMain Campus6:00-8:30pm (M)Edwards
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus6:00-8:30pm (W)Edwards
101-02MAGen Biol IMain Campus9:30-10:45am (TR)Rhoads
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus2:00-4:30pm (T)Rhoads
101-03MAGen Biol IMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)McDermott
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus1:00-3:30pm (W)McDermott
101-04MAGen Biol IMain Campus11:00-12:15pm (TR)McDermott
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus2:00-4:30pm (T)McDermott
101-05MAGen Biol IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)McDermott
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus2:00-4:30pm (F)McDermott
101-07MAGen Biol IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Orso
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus1:00-3:30pm (W)Orso
101-08WAGen Biol IVirtualRanson
Gen Biol I (lab)VirtualRanson
101-E09XGen Biol IAppomattox11:00-12:15pm (MW)Ranson
101-E10FDGen Biol IBedford10:45-1:15pm (T)Hogan
Gen Biol I (lab)Bedford10:45-1:15pm (R)Hogan
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus8:00-10:30am (F)Rhoads
101-E11TGen Biol IAmherst11:00-12:15pm (MW)Rhoads
101-E13FDGen Biol IBedford8:00-10:30am (T)Hogan
Gen Biol I (lab)Bedford8:00-10:30am (R)Hogan
101-E14TGen Biol IAmherst8:00-9:15am (MW)Orso
Gen Biol I (lab)Main Campus10:30-1:00pm (F)Rhoads
Gen Biol I (lab)Appomattox12:30-3:00pm (W)Ranson
102-01WADGen Biol IIVirtualHogan
Gen Biol II (lab)VirtualHogan
141-09WAAnat/Physio IVirtualDario-Becker
Anat/Physio I (lab)VirtualDario-Becker
142-03MAAnat/Physio IIMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Dario-Becker
142-04WAAnat/Physio IIVirtualDario-Becker
Anat/Physio II (lab)VirtualDario-Becker
Communication Studies &Theater (CST)
100-01MAPublic SpeakingMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Tyler
100-14WAPublic SpeakingVirtualDewhurst
110-05WAInt Spch CommVirtualDewhurst
Economics (ECO)
120-03WASurvey EconVirtualModen
English (ENG)
111-01MACol Compos IMain Campus10:30-11:45am (TR)Velez
111-02MACol Compos IMain Campus2:00-3:15pm (TR)Velez
111-03MACol Compos IMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (MW)Velez
111-16WACol Compos IVirtualGreen
112-05HACol Compos IIMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (M)Saloka
112-13WACol Compos IIVirtualNelson
112-19WDDCol Compos IIVirtualElam
112-1CHACol Compos IIMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-2CHTCol Compos IIAmherst10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-3CHFCol Compos IIBedford10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-99CHCol Compos IIVirtual10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
English Fundamentals (ENF)
1-01MAPreparing/College English IMain Campus10:00-11:50am (MTWR)Nelson
3-01MAPreparing/College English IIIMain Campus9:30-10:20am (TR)Velez
3-02MAPreparing/College English IIIMain Campus1:00-1:50pm (TR)Velez
3-03MAPreparing/College English IIIMain Campus12:00-12:50pm (MW)Velez
History (HIS)
101-04WAWest Civ IVirtualMcGee
121-02MAUS Hist IMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)McGee
121-03MAUS Hist IMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)McGee
121-04MAUS Hist IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)McGee
Humanities (HUM)
260-01WASur 20th Century CulVirtualMcGee
Music (MUS)
121-06WAMus Appr IVirtualKobler
Philosophy (PHI)
100-01WAIntro To PhilVirtualScow
100-02CAIntro To PhilMain Campus3:30-4:45pm (MW)Scow
100-05FCIntro To PhilBedford3:30-4:45pm (MW)Scow
100-99CAIntro To PhilVirtual3:30-4:45pm (MW)Scow
Physics (PHY)
201-04MAGen Col Phy IMain Campus5:30-8:00pm (M)Laub
Gen Col Phy I (lab)Main Campus5:30-8:00pm (W)Laub
241-01MAUniver Physics IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Honeycutt
Univer Physics I (lab)Main Campus2:00-4:30pm (M)Honeycutt
241-02MAUniver Physics IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Honeycutt
Univer Physics I (lab)Main Campus2:00-4:30pm (W)Honeycutt
Political Science (PLS)
211-02MAU S Govt IMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Dull
211-E12ODU S Govt ICampbell Co10:45-12:00pm (TR)Tuite
211-E16MU S Govt IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Tuite
Psychology (PSY)
200-10MAPrin PsychMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)Deutsch
230-02WADevelop PsycVirtualDeutsch
230-E01MDevelop PsycMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Deutsch
Sociology (SOC)
200-01MAPrin of SociMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Sparhawk
200-02MAPrin of SociMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)Sparhawk
200-03MAPrin of SociMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Sparhawk
200-05WAPrin of SociVirtualSparhawk
200-06MAPrin of SociMain Campus12:00-1:15pm (TR)Cundiff
Student Development (SDV)
100-01W11Coll Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-02W11Coll Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-03W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-04W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-10W11Coll Success SkillsVirtualPearson
100-11W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualPearson
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