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Classes in ALL Subjects - Summer 2020
Low-cost Textbook classes
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Biology (BIO)
102-31L22General Biology IIVirtualMcDermott
102-31W22General Biology IIVirtualMcDermott
150-31W22Introductory MicrobiologyVirtualRhoads
Introductory Microbiology (lab)VirtualRhoads
Chemistry (CHM)
111-23W11General Chemistry IVirtualFigueroa
General Chemistry I (lab)VirtualFigueroa
112-33W22General Chemistry IIVirtualAyala
General Chemistry II (lab)VirtualAyala
Communication Studies &Theater (CST)
100-12WAPrinciples of Public SpeakingVirtualDewhurst
110-11WAIntro To Speech CommunicationsVirtualDewhurst
Economics (ECO)
120-11WASurvey of EconomicsVirtualModen
English (ENG)
111-12WACollege Composition IVirtualLatimer
111-22W11College Composition IVirtualNelson
112-11WACollege Composition IIVirtualLatimer
112-31W22College Composition IIVirtualNelson
241-11WASurvey of American Lit IVirtualLatimer
English Fundamentals (ENF)
3-11WAPreparing/College English IIIVirtualKoshy
History (HIS)
122-11WAUS Hist IIVirtualMcGee
Mathematics (MTH)
261-31W22Applied Calculus IVirtualLaub
Mechanical Engineering Tech (MEC)
140-11HAIntroduction to MechatronicsVirtual5:00-7:40pm (MW)Lease
Music (MUS)
121-11WAMusic Appreciation IVirtualKobler
Physics (PHY)
201-21CH1General College Physics IVirtual5:30-7:30pm (MTWR)Laub
202-31CH2General College Physics IIVirtual5:30-7:30pm (MTWR)Laub
Political Science (PLS)
211-10WAU.S. Government IVirtualTuite
Psychology (PSY)
230-11WADevelopmental PsychologyVirtualDeutsch
Sociology (SOC)
200-10WAPrinciples of SociologyVirtualSparhawk
Student Development (SDV)
100-01W11College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-02W11College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-03W22College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-04W22College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
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