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Classes in ALL Subjects - Fall 2021 (2nd Session)
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Administrative Support Tech (AST)
101-02WADKeyboarding IVirtualSaunders
205-01WADBusiness CommunicationsVirtualLester
Air Condition & Refrigeration (AIR)
135-01M22Circuits and Controls IIMain Campus5:15-10:25pm (TR)Alderman
154-01M22Heating Systems IMain Campus5:15-9:35pm (MW)Alderman
Art (ART)
101-04W22History&Appreciation of Art IVirtualLofaso
102-01W22History&Appreciation of Art IIVirtualQuarmout
Biology (BIO)
102-02WDDGeneral Biology IIVirtualMcDermott
General Biology II (lab)VirtualMcDermott
145-01WADHum Anatomy & Phy/Hlth SciVirtualWheeler
Hum Anatomy & Phy/Hlth Sci (lab)VirtualWheeler
Chemistry (CHM)
111-E7FADGeneral Chemistry IBedford10:45-1:15pm (R)Figueroa
General Chemistry I (lab)Bedford10:45-1:15pm (T)Figueroa
Child Care (CHD)
120-01HADEarly Chd EducMain Campus6:00-8:30pm (T)TBA
Communication Studies &Theater (CST)
100-08W22Principles of Public SpeakingVirtualDyess
100-99M22Principles of Public SpeakingMain Campus11:30-12:45pm (MTWR)Dyess
Economics (ECO)
201-03WDDPrinciples of MacroeconomicsVirtualWade
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
100-01HDDCPR for Healthcare ProvidersMain Campus8:00-12:00pm (F)Aiken
100-02HDDCPR for Healthcare ProvidersMain Campus5:30-9:30pm (F)Aiken
120-01M22Emergency Medical Technician -Main CampusAiken
120-02M22Emergency Medical Technician -Main CampusAiken
135-01H22Emergency Medical CareMain Campus9:00-12:00pm (MW)Kirkland
135-02H22Emergency Medical CareMain Campus9:00-12:00pm (TR)Kirkland
136-01M22Emergency Medical Care LabOff Campus1:00-5:00pm (MW)Evans
136-02M22Emergency Medical Care LabOff Campus1:00-5:00pm (TR)Guill
137-01H22Trauma CareMain Campus9:00-12:00pm (MW)Kirkland
137-02H22Trauma CareMain Campus9:00-12:00pm (TR)Kirkland
138-01M22Trauma Care LabMain Campus1:00-5:00pm (MW)Evans
138-02M22Trauma Care LabMain Campus1:00-5:00pm (TR)Guill
Engineering (EGR)
127-02WDDIntro to Comp ProgVirtualLeech
English (ENG)
111-20WDDCollege Composition IVirtualGraves
111-25W22College Composition IVirtualGaumer
111-35WDDCollege Composition IMain CampusBailey
112-05WDDCollege Composition IIVirtualBailey
112-06W22College Composition IIVirtualNelson
112-99M22College Composition IIMain Campus10:00-11:15am (MTWR)Koshy
English Direct Enrollment (EDE)
11-35WDDEnglish Composition ReadinessVirtualBailey
Fire Science Technology (FST)
110-50QDDFire Behav & CombustionOff Campus9:25-11:55am (MTWRF)Elliott
Geology (GOL)
105-EV1MDPhysical GeologyVirtualStimac
110-01WDDEarth ScienceVirtualCrist
Earth Science (lab)VirtualCrist
Health Services (HLT)
115-03W22Intro to Per & Community HlthVirtualChristine
121-02W22Drug Use/AbuseVirtualJohnson
143-07W2DMed Term IVirtualArmstrong
230-08W22Prin Nutrition/Hum DevVirtualDewitt
History (HIS)
101-08WDDWestern Civil Pre-1600 CEMain CampusStern
122-02W22U.S. History Since 1865VirtualMcCullough
Industrial Engineering Tech (IND)
195-02WDDTopics in IndVirtualKoleszar
Info Technology Essentials (ITE)
115-11W22Introduction to Computer AppliVirtualHamlett
115-12WDDIntroduction to Computer AppliVirtualLeathers
Machine Technology (MAC)
162-03M22Machine Shop Practices IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Nixon
162-50M22Machine Shop Practices IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (TR)Wright
162-90Q22Machine Shop Practices IIMain Campus8:00-10:40am (MWF)Dillard
164-40M22Machine Shop Practices IVMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (TR)Wright
242-50M22Adv Machinery Procedures IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Nixon
Marketing (MKT)
100-01WDDPrinciples of MarketingVirtualWalling
275-01WDDInternational MarketingVirtualWalling
Mathematics (MTH)
161-41QDDPreCalculus IOff Campus9:30-11:00am ()Ratliff
161-42QDDPreCalculus IOff Campus11:05-1:05pm ()Ratliff
265-E05ADCalculus IIIVirtualTibebu
Mathematics Direct Enrollment (MDE)
10-02WDDIntroduction to AlgebraVirtualRetnam
60-W100DIntermediate AlgebraVirtualTrivette
Medical Laboratory Technology (MDL)
235-01M22MycologyMain Campus8:00-9:50am (F)Jones
Music (MUS)
121-02W22Music in SocietyVirtualKobler
Philosophy (PHI)
100-06W22Introduction to PhilosophyVirtualScow
Physical Education (PED)
107-01WDDExercise and Nutrition IVirtualTempleton
107-02WDDExercise and Nutrition IVirtualTempleton
Psychology (PSY)
Principles of Psychology (lab)VirtualLe
230-10W22Developmental PsychologyVirtualBurke
Religion (REL)
210-02W22Survey of the New TestamentVirtualMain
230-03W22Religions of the WorldVirtualBrady
Respiratory Therapy (RTH)
135-01M2DDiag & Therapeutic Proced IMain Campus9:30-10:20am (TR)Ayers
Diag & Therapeutic Proced I (lab)Main Campus12:30-3:00pm (R)Ayers
RV/Motorcycle Maintenance (RVH)
130-01MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus8:30-1:00pm (T)Kyser
130-02MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Gordineer
130-03MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus8:30-1:00pm (T)Kyser
130-04MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Gordineer
130-05MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus8:30-1:00pm (T)Gordineer
130-06MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Gordineer
130-07MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus8:30-1:00pm (T)Gordineer
130-08MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Schoener
130-09MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus8:30-1:00pm (T)Gordineer
130-10MDDCycle Rider Safety-BeginnerMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Schoener
195-01MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Alcock
195-02MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Phillips
195-03MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Alcock
195-04MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Schoener
195-05MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Alcock
195-06MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Alcock
195-07MDDTopics InMain Campus6:00-10:00pm (F)Phillips
Safety (SAF)
130-02R22Industrial Safety - OSHA 10Virtual-Real Time6:00-7:40pm (W)Goodwin
Sociology (SOC)
200-05W22Principles of SociologyVirtualShupe
Spanish (SPA)
101-E05MDBeginning Spanish IVirtualSparks-Early
202-E05ADIntermediate Spanish IIVirtualDavis
Student Development (SDV)
100-03W22College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-04W22College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-18DRDCollege Success SkillsVirtual-Real Time5:30-6:45pm (TR)Fletcher
100-19DRDCollege Success SkillsVirtual-Real Time5:30-6:45pm (TR)Fletcher
100-21H22College Success SkillsMain Campus5:30-6:30pm (W)Johnson
100-27QW2College Success SkillsVirtualBennett-Johnson
100-29HDDCollege Success SkillsMain Campus8:45-12:45pm (MWF)Madigan
100-30HDDCollege Success SkillsMain Campus8:45-12:45pm (MWF)Madigan
100-33W22College Success SkillsVirtualMitchell
100-E20XDCollege Success SkillsAppomattox9:00-11:30am (MTWR)Bennett-Johnson
101-02W22Orient to HLT ProfessionsVirtualBurnette
Welding (WEL)
124-01M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld(Adv)Main Campus5:15-9:25pm (MW)Saloka
124-02M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld(Adv)Main Campus5:15-9:25pm (TR)Cariaga
124-03M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld(Adv)Main Campus12:30-4:30pm (TR)Newman
124-04M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld(Adv)Main Campus8:00-12:10pm (TR)Smith
150-01Q22Welding Drawing & InterpretaMain Campus9:00-11:30am (TR)Cobb
150-02M22Welding Drawing & InterpretaMain Campus5:15-7:45pm (MW)Tucciarone
160-01M22Gas Metal Arc WeldingMain Campus5:30-9:40pm (TR)Newman
160-02M22Gas Metal Arc WeldingMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (MW)Newman
160-03M22Gas Metal Arc WeldingMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (TR)Newman
160-04M22Gas Metal Arc WeldingMain Campus5:15-9:25pm (MW)Cariaga
160-90Q22Gas Metal Arc WeldingMain Campus8:00-9:30am (MWF)Cobb
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