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Classes in ALL Subjects - Spring 2021 (2nd Session)
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Air Condition & Refrigeration (AIR)
155-01H22Heating Systems IIMain Campus5:15-8:45pm (TR)Alderman
235-01H22Heat PumpsMain Campus5:15-8:45pm (MW)Alderman
Art (ART)
102-03W22History&Appreciation of Art IIVirtualLofaso
Biology (BIO)
142-17W22Human Anatomy/Physiology IIVirtualDario-Becker
Human Anatomy/Physiology II (lab)VirtualDario-Becker
Building (BLD)
105-01H22Shop Practices and ProceduresMain Campus5:45-8:15pm (W)Koleszar
Communication Studies &Theater (CST)
100-06W22Principles of Public SpeakingVirtualLayne
Drafting (DRF)
128-02H22Geom Dim/TolerancingMain Campus5:30-8:00pm (T)Trepanitis
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
120-01M22Emergency Medical Technician -Main Campus0:01-0:02am (MTWRF)Aiken
120-02M22Emergency Medical Technician -Main Campus0:02-0:03am (MTWRF)Aiken
175-01M22Paramedic Clinical Exp IMain Campus0:01-0:02am (MTWRF)Aiken
175-02M22Paramedic Clinical Exp IMain Campus0:02-0:03am (MTWRF)Aiken
English (ENG)
111-11W22College Composition IVirtualGaumer
112-14W22College Composition IIVirtualNelson
242-03W22Survey of American Lit IIVirtualBabcock
Health Services (HLT)
100-03H22First Aid/CprMain Campus0:02-0:03am (MTWRF)Templeton
115-03W22Intro to Per & Community HlthVirtualChristine
143-05W22Med Term IVirtualHermosa
History (HIS)
122-07W22US Hist IIVirtualMcCullough
Info Technology Essentials (ITE)
119-01W22Information LiteracyVirtualMcGee
Info Technology Programming (ITP)
225-01W22Web Scripting LanguagesVirtualBell
Machine Technology (MAC)
146-01H22Metals/Heat TreatmentMain Campus5:30-9:00pm (TR)Tucciarone
146-02H22Metals/Heat TreatmentMain Campus5:30-9:00pm (MW)Tucciarone
162-01H22Machine Shop Practices IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (TR)Wright
164-03H22Machine Shop Practices IVMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Nixon
164-60H22Machine Shop Practices IVMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Ligon
164-90Q22Machine Shop Practices IVMain Campus8:00-10:40am (MWF)Dillard
232-60H22Adv Precision Machining IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Nixon
Math Co-Requisites (MCR)
4-02R22Lrng Support for Quant ReasonVirtual-Real Time12:00-12:50pm (MW)Coco
Philosophy (PHI)
100-02W22Introduction to PhilosophyVirtualScow
Physical Education (PED)
107-02W22Exercise and Nutrition IVirtualTempleton
111-02W22Weight Training IVirtualTempleton
117-02W22Fitness WalkingVirtualdeMoors
Psychology (PSY)
200-07W22Principles of PsychologyVirtualBurke
230-12W22Developmental PsychologyVirtualMoodie
230-20W22Developmental PsychologyVirtualGoode
Respiratory Therapy (RTH)
102-01H22Integ Science for Resp Care IIMain Campus8:00-9:15am (MW)Ayers
224-01H22Integ Respir Therapy SkillsMain Campus8:00-9:40am (TR)Ayers
Safety (SAF)
130-01R22Industrial Safety - OSHA 10Virtual-Real Time5:45-6:35pm (MW)Goodwin
Sociology (SOC)
200-05W22Principles of SociologyVirtualGross
Student Development (SDV)
100-02W22College Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-04W22College Success SkillsVirtualPearson
100-16W22College Success SkillsVirtualMitchell
Welding (WEL)
124-01H22Shielded Metal Arc Weld(Adv)Main Campus12:30-4:40pm (TR)Newman
124-90Q22Shielded Metal Arc Weld(Adv)Main Campus8:00-9:30am (MWF)Tucciarone
164-01H22Gas Tungsten Arc WeldingMain Campus5:15-9:25pm (MW)Saloka
164-02H22Gas Tungsten Arc WeldingMain Campus5:15-9:25pm (TR)Newman
164-03H22Gas Tungsten Arc WeldingMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (MW)Newman
164-04H22Gas Tungsten Arc WeldingMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (TR)Newman
175-01H22Semi-Automatic ProcessesMain Campus5:15-9:25pm (TR)Newman
175-02H22Semi-Automatic ProcessesMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (MW)Cobb
175-03H22Semi-Automatic ProcessesMain Campus8:00-12:10pm (TR)Cobb
175-04H22Semi-Automatic ProcessesMain Campus5:00-6:00pm (MW)Cariaga
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