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Classes in ALL Subjects - Spring 2018
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Air Condition & Refrigeration (AIR)
121-01M22Air Con/Refr IMain Campus5:15-8:45pm (MW)Glass
155-01M22Heating Sys IIMain Campus5:15-8:45pm (TR)Alderman
235-01M22Heat PumpsMain Campus5:15-8:45pm (MW)Alderman
Art (ART)
102-06M22His/Apr Art IIMain Campus6:00-8:40pm (TR)Peters
Communication Studies &Theater (CST)
100-07M22Public SpeakingMain Campus2:30-5:10pm (TR)Tyler
110-05H22Int Spch CommMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (MW)Wommack
Drafting (DRF)
128-03M22Geom Dim/TolerMain Campus5:30-8:45pm (W)Trepanitis
161-01M22Blueprn Read IMain Campus5:30-8:45pm (MW)Navarro
Engineering (EGR)
124-01M22Intro to EGR & EGR MethodsMain Campus2:00-3:15pm (MTWR)Jones
124-02M22Intro to EGR & EGR MethodsMain Campus4:00-5:15pm (MTWR)Jones
English (ENG)
112-11W22Col Compos IIVirtualGaumer
Fire Science Technology (FST)
100-01Q22Prin of Emergency ServicesMain Campus8:00-11:00am (MW)Greer
196-01Q22On-site TrainingMain Campus0:01-0:02am (MTWRF)Markey
240-01H22Fire AdministrationMain Campus5:30-6:45pm (R)Wormser
245-01H22Fire and Risk AnalysisMain Campus7:00-8:15pm (R)Mcilhany
History (HIS)
122-25W22US Hist IIVirtualKingery
Hotel-Restaurant-Inst Mgmt (HRI)
195-02M22Introduction to Serve SafeMain Campus9:00-11:40am (MWF)Phelps
195-03M22Intro to Customer ServiceMain Campus1:00-3:40pm (MWF)Sloan
Industrial Engineering Tech (IND)
137-02H22Team Conc/SolvMain Campus5:30-8:00pm (R)Mohr
Info Technology Essentials (ITE)
119-01W22Information LiteracyVirtualMcGee
Machine Technology (MAC)
146-01M22Met/Heat TreatMain Campus5:30-9:00pm (TR)Tucciarone
146-02M22Met/Heat TreatMain Campus5:30-9:00pm (MW)Tucciarone
146-03M22Met/Heat TreatMain Campus9:00-12:30pm (MW)Tucciarone
162-02M22Mach Shop IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (TR)Wright
164-03M22Mach Shop IVMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Klaser
164-60M22Mach Shop IVMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Nixon
164-90Q22Mach Shop IVMain Campus8:00-9:50am (MWF)Crouch
232-60M22Adv Precis IIMain Campus5:30-10:00pm (MW)Nixon
Mathematics (MTH)
5-04M22Bundle 4-5 - First Degree EquaMain Campus1:00-2:40pm (TR)Penner
Philosophy (PHI)
100-02W22Intro To PhilVirtualScow
Physical Education (PED)
117-01M22Fitness WalkingMain Campus11:00-12:50pm (MW)Ingram
126-01M22ArcheryMain Campus4:30-7:30pm (M)Ingram
135-01M22Bowling IOff Campus12:30-3:30pm (R)Ingram
Psychology (PSY)
230-19W22Develop PsycVirtualBurke
230-20W22Develop PsycVirtualBurke
Respiratory Therapy (RTH)
102-01H22Integ Science for Resp Care IIMain Campus8:00-9:15am (MW)Ayers
224-01M22Resp SkillsMain Campus8:00-9:40am (TR)Ayers
Sociology (SOC)
200-09H22Prin of SociMain Campus6:00-8:40pm (M)Shupe
200-10M22Prin of SociMain Campus1:00-3:40pm (MW)Cundiff
Student Development (SDV)
100-03W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-06W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualFrench
100-08W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualPearson
100-10W22Coll Success SkillsVirtualMuniz
100-20M22Coll Success SkillsMain Campus8:00-9:15am (TR)Strout
Welding (WEL)
124-01M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld AdvMain Campus8:00-12:10pm (TR)Smith
124-02M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld AdvMain Campus1:00-5:10pm (TR)Cobb
124-03M22Shielded Metal Arc Weld AdvMain Campus8:00-12:00pm (TR)Cobb
142-01M22Welder Qualification Tests IIMain Campus5:15-9:25pm (MW)Saloka
142-02M22Welder Qualification Tests IIMain Campus5:15-6:30am (TR)Hurd
142-03M22Welder Qualification Tests IIMain Campus1:00-5:10pm (TR)Cobb
142-04M22Welder Qualification Tests IIMain Campus8:00-12:10pm (TR)Cobb
160-01M22Gas Mtl Arc WeldMain Campus5:15-9:25pm (TR)Newman
160-02M22Gas Mtl Arc WeldMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (MW)Newman
160-03M22Gas Mtl Arc WeldMain Campus12:30-4:40pm (TR)Newman
160-04M22Gas Mtl Arc WeldMain Campus5:00-9:05pm (MW)Wade
160-90Q22Gas Mtl Arc WeldMain Campus8:00-10:45am (MWF)Cobb
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