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Classes in ALL Subjects - Spring 2018
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Biology (BIO)
101-05L812Gen Biol IMain Campus3:15-4:50pm (MW)Ingram
101-05M812Gen Biol IMain Campus1:30-3:10pm (MW)Ingram
142-14M812Anat/Physio IIMain Campus10:00-11:40am (MW)Ingram
Anat/Physio II (lab)Main Campus11:45-1:25pm (MW)Ingram
Business Management & Admin (BUS)
200-04H812Principles MgtMain Campus7:00-9:40pm (T)Howard
226-09H812Comp Bus ApplsMain Campus1:00-2:50pm (MW)Mitchell
Communication Studies &Theater (CST)
100-12M812Public SpeakingMain Campus6:00-7:40pm (TR)Tyler
English (ENG)
111-05M812Col Compos IMain Campus7:15-9:00pm (MW)Koshy
111-22W812Col Compos IVirtualHubbard
112-16W812Col Compos IIVirtualHubbard
112-19M812Col Compos IIMain Campus11:00-12:15pm (MWF)Beverly
Health Services (HLT)
143-02H812Med Term IMain Campus6:00-8:40pm (M)Christine
History (HIS)
102-01M812West Civ IIMain Campus10:00-11:40am (MW)Ashbrook
121-12M812US Hist IMain Campus5:30-7:10pm (MW)Jones
122-12W812US Hist IIVirtualFoster
Mathematics (MTH)
3-06M812Bundle 1-3 -Operations w/FDPAMain Campus9:00-10:45am (TR)Andreikina
3-07M812Bundle 1-3 -Operations w/FDPAMain Campus11:00-12:45pm (TR)Andreikina
3-08M812Bundle 1-3 -Operations w/FDPAMain Campus5:30-7:15pm (MW)Andreikina
Music (MUS)
122-02M812Mus Appr IIMain Campus5:30-7:00pm (TR)Hoard
Photography (PHT)
110-01W812History of PhotographyVirtualLofaso
Psychology (PSY)
230-20M812Develop PsycMain Campus12:30-2:05pm (TR)Goode
Religion (REL)
210-02W812Sur New TestamVirtualBrady
Sociology (SOC)
200-12H812Prin of SociMain Campus2:00-3:40pm (R)Cundiff
200-16W812Prin of SociVirtualCundiff
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