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Multiple Instructors - Fall 2019
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
History (HIS)
101-04WAWest Civ IVirtualMcGee
121-02MAUS Hist IMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)McGee
121-03MAUS Hist IMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)McGee
121-04MAUS Hist IMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)McGee
Humanities (HUM)
260-01WASur 20th Century CulVirtualMcGee
Info Technology Essentials (ITE)
115-06HACmp Apps/ConceptsMain Campus11:00-11:50am (W)McGee
115-08MACmp Apps/ConceptsMain Campus5:30-6:45pm (TR)McGee
115-10WACmp Apps/ConceptsVirtualMcGee
115-12WACmp Apps/ConceptsVirtualMcGee
119-01WAInformation LiteracyVirtualMcGee
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