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Coco,Jessica Anne - Fall 2020
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Math Essentials (MTE)
1-06RDDOperations-Positive FractionsVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
2-06RDDOperations-Positive Dec & %sVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
3-06RDDAlgebra BasicsVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
4-06RDDFirst Degree EquationsVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
5-06RDDLinear Equations, InequalitiesVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
6-06RDDExponents, Factoring, PolyVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
7-06RDDRational Expressions/EquationsVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
8-06RDDRational Exponents & RadicalsVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
9-06RDDFunctions, Quadratic EquationsVirtual-Real Time10:00-10:50am (MW)Coco
Mathematics (MTH)
111-01RABasic Technical MathematicsVirtual-Real Time9:30-10:45am (TR)Coco
111-02RABasic Technical MathematicsVirtual-Real Time3:30-4:45pm (TR)Coco
131-01RATechnical MathematicsVirtual-Real Time2:00-3:15pm (TR)Coco
155-03RAStatistical ReasoningVirtual-Real Time7:00-8:15pm (TR)Coco
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