The following policies and procedures regarding the development of student clubs/organizations are established to provide an orderly and timely process of official recognition to those groups organized to provide a particular service in keeping with the College’s mission and goals.

A club/organization may be established by observing the following guidelines:

  1. Any group of students wishing to form a new club/organization should complete a “New Club/Organization” packet and submit to the Student Activities  Coordinator.
  2. The application packet and a constitution shall be completed and approved or denied by the Student Activities Coordinator, the Student Government Association, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services. If the application is denied, the club/organization will be afforded the opportunity for an appeal.
  3. Notice of approval or disapproval of the application will be made by the Student Activities Coordinator within one month of receipt of the club application.
  4. Once an organization has been officially approved and recognized, funds may be requested from the Student Government Association. Such funds shall be used only for purposes of campus-wide interest and benefit.