College isn't just about taking classes. Social activities are also an important part of college life. getting involved in campus life is part of the magic of meeting new people, discussing new ideas, sharing laughter and good times. The friendships you develop at CVCC may prove to be life-long relationships that enrich your world.

Build confidence through participation, Develop leadership skills through club activities, make new friends with similar interests.

Criminal Justice

Advisor: Barry Stephens

The Criminal Justice Club is an organization devoted to the development of interest and support of all forms of criminal justice, executive, and judicial. The club plans both volunteer work and activities representative of work in the field as well as takes monthly field trips in the interest of the club pertaining to criminal justice.



Cru is a community where you can grow in your relationship with God, experience deep fellowship and learn how to share the Gospel.

Games Club



Advisors: Kimberly French

                  Hunter Overstreet

LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, and Development) is to help new students (while still being open to all students) who have never been to college to transition to the changes and the challenges that come with attending college and also become leaders at CVCC as well as the local community.


Phi Theta Kappa

Advisor: John McCullough

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year colleges. Phi Theta Kappa's purpose is to recognize and promote academic achievement among students, provide opportunities for leadership training, encourage personal growth, and foster fellowship among members and associates. Membership, based on grade point average, is by invitation.


Polis Online Literary Journal

Advisor: Lana Velez

The definition of POLIS is community center (Greek marketplace); a place where community dialogue occurs, perhaps a sacred ground. At CVCC, POLIS is an annual on-line literary journal for CVCC students/writing that also showcases students's artwork.

Radiology Club

Respiratory Therapy Club


Spanish Club

Advisor: Lorenz Chan

To improve Spanish language skills and to learn more about Spanish culture.


Student Government Association

Advisor: Deanne McDaniel

The Student Government Association serves as a vital link of communication between students, administration, and faculty. It works to provide the leadership necessary for the responsibility of initiating new policies, services, and activities for the benefit of the students.


Student Veterans Organization

Advisor: Tina Murphy

The Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is to ensure veterans, active duty personnel, reservists, and National Guard members are receiving all benefits to which they are entitled. The SVO shall also increase awareness and understanding of veterans' issues on campus and advocate on behalf of student veterans.