Updated process for remote learning/work
CVCC has temporarily changed the inclement weather closing process - for the remainder of the 2020-21 academic year - to take advantage of remote work schedules and capabilities.  During periods of inclement weather, should a campus closure or delayed opening be necessary, detailed information will be sent through e2Campus alerts.  Local media will only announce campus closures - not the details.
It is important to check the status of virtual learning/work on this website if a campus closure is announced.  There will be a two-tiered closure status as follows:
  • Code 1Campus closed, virtual learning and work continues remotely.
    CVCC's e2Campus alerts, phone greeting, & website will indicate "Campus closed, virtual learning and work continues."  Under this code, all on-campus activities are cancelled including face-to-face learning, use of computer labs, and on-campus office hours.  Classes and work that were previously scheduled to occur on-line will continue remotely.
  • Code 2Campus closed, previously scheduled virtual learning and work suspended.
    CVCC's e2Campus alerts, phone greeting, & website will indicate "Campus closed, virtual learning and work suspended."  This code will only be used in the most severe weather circumstances.  Under this code, all activities are cancelled including virtual learning and work.

Make sure to sign-up to receive emergency alerts from CVCC (including inclement weather announcements).
During a weather-related closure, NO ONE is allowed on campus, except those classified as essential workers (Facilities, Campus Police and some IT staff).  Your course instructor will provide advance communication about what to expect for remote learning for their course during a "Code 1" closure.  DO NOT travel during CODE 1 closures to establish Wi-Fi connections.  Students WILL NOT be penalized if they are unable to connect during CODE 1 closures.  Your instructor will communicate with you about what to expect in these situations and you should make your instructor aware of any internet issues that you may have.

During inclement weather conditions you can also check local radio or television stations to learn about campus closures.  The status of virtual learning will only be announced on e2Campus or this website.  CVCC will notify these television stations about closings or delays: