Campus safety is a shared responsibility between CVCC and you

Real-time communication between you and our well-trained/well-equipped Police Department is essential to keeping you and our campus safe.  Please sign-up for our emergency notification system to have the most current information in the event of an emergency on campus.  Also, familiarize with the Code Blue devices around campus because you can use these to contact the Police Department.

Your Safety is our Highest Priority

The College complies with the Campus Security Awareness Act of 1990. The College’s online statistics concerning crime over a three-year period are accessible by viewing the Annual Security Report on this site. The College employs campus police and encourages the reporting of any criminal actions and other emergencies to Campus Police or to the Title IX Coordinator for sexual based offenses. Access to campus facilities for students is during normal business or classroom hours. Access is restricted at other times in accordance with the College’s access and security policy.