Penalties for the following violations to be determined based on incident circumstances:

Alcoholic Beverages — When a student illegally possesses or consumes alcoholic beverages or is legally intoxicated on campus.

Assault, Battery, Fighting — When a student engages in assault, battery, or fighting.

Criminal Charges — When a student is formally charged with the commission of a crime occurring on or off campus.

Disruption — Disruption of a classroom, laboratory, library, office, hallway, public student space, such as the student center, meeting or hearing. Hallways, classrooms and laboratories should be quiet and orderly at all times.

Electronic Abuse — When a student uses electronic media, email or any type of social media, to intimidate, harass or coerce a student, faculty or staff member by using obscene, vulgar, indecent, profane or defamatory language.

Electronic devices — Unauthorized use of cellular phones, pagers, music or game devices, or other electronic devices in a classroom, laboratory, library or at any function or activity where such use is a distraction to others. Instructors or other college personnel are authorized to remove a student from a campus setting for non-compliance, or to utilize the procedures described herein.

Failure to be properly attired — All students must wear shoes on campus for reasons of safety and health. Students will receive an initial warning followed by penalty for non-compliance.

Failure to Comply — Failure to comply with a college official appropriately acting in the performance of his or her duties.

Gambling — When a student engages in unlawful gambling or gaming.

Harassment — When a student engages in behavior that is unwelcome, intimidating, hostile, or insulting based on race, sex, national origin, religion, or other class.

Illegal Entry — When a student illegally enters or occupies state property.

Marijuana Policy- Using or possessing marijuana in any form, including tinctures, edibles and topicals, is prohibited across all college property, including all open areas and buildings. CVCC is not required to allow the medical or recreational use of marijuana on campus because marijuana is illegal under federal law. The CVCC Police Department will continue to enforce the campus-wide prohibition of marijuana.  Anyone not complying with this policy will be in violation and subject to the procedures described herein. 

Misuse of State or Federal Funds — When a student uses state or federal funds for someone other than him/herself or uses funds in a way that does not support his/her own educational endeavors.

Property Destruction — When the student intentionally destroys, damages, defaces, or misuses public or private property(such as personal vehicles, cell phones), safety equipment or security systems (such as fire extinguishers, or Code Blue devices; propping exterior doors).

Smoking policy — Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Anyone not complying with this policy will be in violation and subject to the procedures described herein.

Verbal Abuse — Utterance of obscene, profane, or indecent language with the intent to harass, intimidate, or coerce others is prohibited.