What Is It?

The New Economy Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) is a program in Virginia that assists students in paying for non-credit FastForward tuition for classes that have been approved to lead to an industry-recognized credential in high-demand fields. Approved programs are added continuously, so please refer to the FastForward page information.

How Can It Help Me?

Students receiving WCG funding will have 2/3 of their tuition costs paid by the grant so that the student is responsible for paying only 1/3 of the cost of the program at registration. For students who qualify, additional FANTIC funding may be available to further offset the costs of the 1/3 student responsibility.

How Do I Qualify?

As noted above, students may be eligible for funding assistance if they are registering for a qualifying FastForward program. Additionally, students must verify that they meet Virginia domicile requirements. You can verify domicile by providing information during the registration process that you have lived in Virginia for at least 1 year, have held a Virginia driver’s license or ID for that time, been a registered voter and paid Virginia income taxes.

What Are The Expectations of Students?

Students who meet domicile eligibility for qualifying FastForward programs will automatically be registered as a WCG student at the discounted 1/3 tuition rate. That 1/3 tuition must be paid at the time of registration (credit or debit cards are accepted for online registrations, cash and checks can be accepted by visiting the CVCC main campus). All students must follow the CVCC Workforce Refund Policy or risk forfeiting the tuition paid.

Students who begin a program are expected to successfully complete that program in the prescribed time limit. Should a student drop out of a program after the refund period ends, that student will become responsible for paying another 1/3 of the tuition cost back to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Income taxes may be garnered to complete this payment if necessary. Students must sign a legal promissory note for repayment.

Students will also be expected to successfully complete all of the program’s accompanying credentialing assessments/exams.

How Do I Get Started?

Complete a FastForward Interest Form, email us or contact us at 434-832-7607 for more information.

Program Example

Full tuition cost of program: $4,500

WCG Funding provided: $3,000

Student responsibility due at registration: $1,500**

**Ask about additional FANTIC financial aid that may be able to assist some students with the STUDENT 1/3 tuition costs!

WCG funds are limited, and availability of the reduced tuition costs are contingent upon the allocation and availability of state funds for the program.