COSTS: Full tuition: $2,502, WCG Cost: $834, WCG + FANTIC Cost: $83.40

General Information

Hours of Instruction: 72 hours

Materials: class supplies and textbook are included

Course Description

The IT Helpdesk Technician FastForward program is developed to provide students with ready-to-work skills and knowledge and obtain a Level 1 DOD recognized certification for IT Professionals. Students will be provided training to obtain CompTIA A+ certification as well as specific training related to communication skills and helpdesk troubleshooting. Classroom activities will include practical labs focused on learning outcomes. Students completing the training will have the skills and knowledge to work a technical helpdesk and a solid introduction to the skills required for Network Operations Center (NOC) jobs.


Final Exam: CompTIA A+

Topics Covered: IT Helpdesk Technician

Unit A Communications Skills

  • A. Knowledge
  • B. Practical exercise

Unit B Help Desk Skills

  • A. Knowledge
  • B. Demonstrations and lessons learned
  • C. Practical exercises (3)

Unit 1

  • A. BIOS/UEFI Tools
  • B. Motherboard Components
  • C. CPU Types
  • D. RAM Types
  • E. PC Expansion Cards
  • F. Power Supply

Unit 2

  • A. Storage Devices
  • B. Compare and Contrast Types of Display Devices
  • C. Install and Configure Peripheral Devices
  • D. Network Architecture Devices
  • E. Characteristics of TCP/IP

Unit 3

  • A. PC Connection Interfaces
  • B. Network Cables and Connectors
  • C. Wi-Fi Networking Standards and Encryption
  • D. Internet Connection Types
  • E. Networking Tools

Unit 4

  • A. Laptop Components
  • B. Laptop Displays
  • C. Laptop Features
  • D. Mobile Devices

Unit 5

  • A. SOHO's
  • B. Printers
  • C. Printer Maintenance

Unit 6

  • A. Troubleshooting RAM, CPU
  • B. Troubleshooting RAID
  • C. Troubleshoot Networks
  • D. Troubleshoot Mobile Devices
  • E. Troubleshoot Printers

Course offerings, dates and times, and locations are subject to change without notice. For up-to-date information, please call the Workforce Solutions office. Financial Aid funds are limited, and availability of the reduced tuition costs are contingent upon the allocation and availability of state funds for the program. A student's best option for determining eligibility is to arrange an appointment with Workforce. For information on our cancellation and refund policies, visit our cancellation and refund policies page.

*Application dates may be extended depending on enrollment