General Information

Hours of Instruction: 48

Materials: Students will need access to a computer/laptop and internet. Textbooks and all other class supplies are included in the tuition price.

Course Description

This course is the second in a series of four and requires that students have taken and passed NCCER Electrical 1 prior to enrollment in this course. Electricians install electrical systems in structures; they install wiring and other electrical components, such as circuit breaker panels, switches, and light fixtures, and they follow blueprints, the National Electrical Code and state and local codes.

Students must have previously completed Electrical Level 1 to be eligible for admission


Final Exam: NCCER Electrical 2

Certifying Organization: National Center for Construction Education and Research

Topics Covered
  1. Alternating Current
  2. Motors: Theory and Application
  3. Electric Lighting
  4. Conduit Bending
  5. Pull and Junction Boxes
  6. Conductor Installations
  7. Cable Tray
  8. Conductor Terminations and Splices
  9. Grounding and Bonding
  10. Circuit Breakers and Fuses
  11. Control Systems and Fundamental Concepts

Full Tuition: $1,602 (without financial aid option)

Financial Aid Options Available:

Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) – Student must meet Virginia Domicile criteria. Cost reduced to $534
Financial Aid for Noncredit Training leading to Industry Credential (FANTIC) – Funding based on income limits. Cost reduced to $0.
Tobacco Commission - Students that meet Virginia Domicile criteria and live in a county or city eligible for funding through the Tobacco Commission. Cost reduced to $267
Other: Additional resources are available through Community Partners. Cost reduced to $0.


Course offerings, dates and times, and locations are subject to change without notice. For up-to-date information, please call the Workforce Development office. Financial Aid funds are limited, and availability of the reduced tuition costs are contingent upon the allocation and availability of state funds for the program. A student's best option for determining eligibility is to arrange an appointment with Workforce. For information on our cancellation and refund policies, visit our cancellation and refund policies page.