Student, Instructor and Course information:

Date (08/23/2017):
Student’s Name (First Last):
Instructor’s Name (First Last):
Course (SUB-NUM-SECT):
Current Course Grade:
Number of Absences:

At this point in the semester, your performance in this course is:
  • Excellent: (A) Keep up the good work!
  • Good: (B) It is important for you to maintain your performance in order to earn a passing grade.
  • Fair: (C/D) It is important for you to improve your performance in order to earn a passing grade.
  • Unsatisfactory: (F) You are currently not passing the course. Please see me to discuss your options.
Here are some suggestions that may improve your performance:
  • Improve your attendance.
  • Dedicate more time outside of class.
  • Work on time management and prepare better for class (Go to Academic Counseling for help, room 2100).
  • Increase participation in class; ask questions and be involved in classroom activities.
  • Follow directions in completing assignments and ask questions if you are uncertain.
  • Submit assignments on time.
  • Go to the Math Mall for help with math related assignments (Merritt, Room 5217).
  • Go to the Student Success Center (Bedford Hall, Room 3205) for free tutorial assistance.
  • Attend (free) Hot Topics Workshop.
  • Go to the Writing Center (Bedford Hall, Room 3201) assistance with library research skills.
  • Other (please describe):