Frequently Asked Questions
Can you help me prepare for a standardized test (VPT, SAT, Praxis, etc.)?

We can help you prepare for the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) only. 


Can you tutor me in a class I plan to take at CVCC in the future or in a class at another Virginia Community College?

Due to the high demand and limited tutoring resources, the Tutoring Center can only tutor students who need assistance in courses in which they are currently enrolled at CVCC. 


What do I need to do to receive tutoring services?

Complete a Tutor Request Form and make an appointment.


How long is a tutoring session?

Sessions are scheduled for an hour.


What should I bring with me for tutoring?

You should bring your textbook, notes, and any other materials that will help your tutor pinpoint problem areas and work through them effectively.


What if I need to cancel an appointment or I miss it?

Our policy on the Tutor Request Form states that you must give a 4-hour notice in order to cancel an appointment.  If you do not give the 4-hour notice, you will be counted as a “no show”.  Not showing up for an appointment also counts as a no show.  If you get 2 no shows during a semester, then your instructor will have to contact us to have your tutoring privileges reinstated.  Receiving a 3rd no show results in your tutoring privileges being suspended for the remainder of the semester.