Students that are eligible for honors will have distinctions listed on the academic transcripts and their diplomas. Honors are not announced during the commencement ceremony, but honors graduates will be given a gold honors tassel at the registration table on the night of the commencement ceremony.

Honors Designation (Career Studies Certificates not included)
3.20 - 3.49:
Cum Laude (with honor)
3.50 - 3.79:
Magna Cum Laude (with high honor)
3.80 - 4.00:
Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor)

*Honors designations are subject to change after final grades are posted.

Because the commencement program is printed several weeks prior to the commencement ceremony, spring and summer graduates' honors that are listed in the program will be based off of the student’s cumulative GPA at the time that their application is reviewed. Honors for spring and summer graduates will be reviewed again prior to the ceremony, and if a student loses their honors, they will not be given an honors tassel even though honors are listed in the graduation program. 

Honors will be reviewed a final time during the degree conferral process to ensure accuracy. Honors classifications are not final until each student’s degree has been conferred. For more information, see the CVCC College Catalog.