Mission Statement
The mission of the Community Connections Coordinator is to serve CVCC and the students by coordinating prevention, intervention, and support services across campus communities to assist any student that is at risk of failing classes, facing crises, life traumas or any other barrier that is interfering with their success.
The Community Connections Coordinator is on campus to:
  • Connect students with helpful community resources (counseling, food pantry, emergency financial assistance, housing, etc.) when going through difficult times
  • Support students that are dealing with challenges related to medical health, mental health, financial concerns, family challenges, or social/adjustment issues
  • Provide support and consultation to faculty and staff
  • Make community referrals for students with behavioral health or other needs
  • Offer information that will assist students in recognizing and properly responding to symptoms of distress and seek appropriate referrals
  • Provide encouragement and support throughout your pursuit of education
  • Foster self-advocacy in students to manage their academic, personal and fiscal responsibilities
  • Assist students that are referred by faculty
  • Support any student that requests assistance independently