3D CT of skull sample image

Entrance into the Radiologic Technology program is a multi-step competitive process. Students are accepted into the curriculum only once a year for the fall semester. Students must complete the Allied Health application process by March 1 prior to the fall semester of desired enrollment.

Students desiring entry into the Radiologic Technology program should have good organizational and study skills along with the ability to commit 30-40 hours a week for 6 semesters in order to be successful. Effective communication and critical thinking are essential skills needed for a student to be successful and complete the program. The student will be expected to provide their own transportation to all clinical sites during his/her clinical rotations if accepted into the program.

Students accepted into the program will have to pass a Criminal Background Check, Drug Screen, and will need to complete medical forms and a physical.  Students will be required to get the flu shot and TB test annually while in the program. the cost of the drug screen is $42, the background check is $20, and the TB test and medical forms/physical costs will vary depending on where a student goes.  If a student is dismissed from a clinical site for any reason during his/her clinical rotations, the student will also be dismissed from the program.