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  • Goal One: Guide students through the application and enrollment process by providing information about placement testing; applying for financial aid; career exploration; and disability services.
  • Goal Two: As students are enrolled: review file to be certain they are active, in the correct curriculum and explain any blocks on their account. Ensure students meet prerequisites for courses in which they wish to enroll. Explain developmental requirements and the necessity for meeting college level skills in math and English.
  • Goal Three: Provide students with continuing feedback on career choices and opportunities.
  • Goal Four: Assist students with disabilities through the accommodation process explaining the necessity for current documentation and the procedures for continuing assistance throughout their academic career at CVCC.
  • Goal Five: Ensure that transfer students are aware of the necessity to plan ahead in the selection of the transfer major here and how it will articulate with the school or schools they are exploring. Make sure students pay particular attention to the state transfer grant and understand the specifics of each of the guaranteed admissions requirements.
  • Goal Six: Through the SDV 100 College Success Skills class, counselors will provide students with the information and tools they need to be successful and productive students at CVCC with knowledge of the following: services provided both electronic and on campus; college policies and procedures governing their continued attendance, information about real life issues such as money/time management, goal setting, identity theft, and the responsibilities of being a college student.