Programs of study (curricula) designate specific courses that must be taken to satisfy requirements.  When elective courses are required as specified in curriculum guides, students may select from the following list of courses. Electives may be completed by selecting any of the following courses. Unless specifically indicated in your curriculum, the following electives will meet the requirements for CVCC associate degrees, certificates, diplomas and career studies certificates for the category of courses listed. Students may not use the same course to satisfy more than one curriculum requirement.

As requirements of four-year institutions may vary, students in the Associate of Arts and Sciences and the Associate of Science (transfer) programs should consult a CVCC counselor or academic advisor, transfer guides, and prospective four-year colleges and universities to select appropriate courses to meet transfer requirements.

*Note: Some of these courses have prerequisites.

Any of the following may satisfy this requirement at CVCC. If you plan to transfer, please consult with an advisor or prospective four-year institutions before selecting electives.

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ECO 150 - Economic Essentials: Theory and Application (3 cr.)

ECO 201 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr.)

ECO 202 - Principles Microeconomics (3 cr.)

EDU 200 - Introduction to Teaching as a Profession (3 cr.)

GEO 210 - People and the Land: Introduction to Cultural Geography (3 cr.)

HIS 101 - History of Western Civilization I (3 cr.)

HIS 102 - History of Western Civilization II (3 cr.)

HIS 121 - United States History I (3 cr.)

HIS 122 - United States History II (3 cr.)

HIS 141- African-American History I (3 cr.)

HIS 142- African-American History II (3 cr.)

PLS 135 - U.S. Government and Politics (3 cr.)

PLS 136 - State and Local Gov & Politics (3 cr.)

PSY 200 - Principles of Psychology (3 cr.)

PSY 215 - Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.)

PSY 230 - Developmental Psychology (3 cr.)

SOC 200 - Principles of Sociology (3 cr.)

SOC 226 - Human Sexuality (3 cr.)

SOC 268 - Social Problems (3 cr.)