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"Why choose Randolph? Because it's time to get excited about your future.

Tell us where you want to go and our expert, fully engaged faculty and staff will get you there. No matter which of our 30 majors and 44 minors you choose, you'll graduate as a global citizen, ready to share your skills and passions with the world.

Our challenging liberal arts curriculum speaks to a special kind of student. Someone excited about designing their own, one-of-a-kind major. Someone who's ready for a life-changing study abroad experience in Mexico or India. Someone prepared to work side-by-side with a professor doing graduate level research, even as a sophomore.

At Randolph, we're a tight-knit, active community of friends and colleagues, where a small classroom discussion might spill over into an improvised picnic lunch. Where first-years belong to six or seven clubs because they can't choose just two. And where tradition isn't corny nostalgia, but a living, daily reminder of why we chose Randolph and why we love it."

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