CVCC Addendum

This ADDENDUM is in reference to the Dual Admission and Enrollment Agreement between Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) and Liberty University (LU) dated October 17, 2016. The purpose of this ADDENDUM is to provide further clarification regarding items not fully outlined in original agreement. These additions shall be considered valid, as if part of the original agreement.

  1. Billing
    • Billings sent to CVCC for students participating in CVCC Dual Admission program shall be invoiced by Liberty University's External Aid division within the Financial Aid Office and will occur on a monthly basis, two weeks prior to the start date of courses and will send additional invoices as changes are necessary.
    • All necessary payments shall be sent promptly by CVCC, no later than 30 days following the end of the semester end date associated with the individual student's class. If all outstanding payments are not received within allocated time, future student registration shall be halted by LU (current enrolled students may finish their current semester).
    • Students shall not be charged the standard LU Activity Fee, Student Health Fee or LU Parking Fee unless they expressly elect to have one or all of these charges assessed to their student account. If elected, the Activity Fee is $365 per semester, the Student Health Fee is $165 per semester and the parking fee varies by selected parking location. LU will charge the student directly, via their Liberty University account for any such optional fees.
    • LU will charge the student directly, via their Liberty University account, for any and all material, course and/or online content fees associated with the courses each participating student is attending.
    • In the event of a student withdrawal, standard LU withdrawal refund policy for refund of charges will occur. This standard policy includes a $50 withdrawal fee that is assessed per student, which will be charged to the student directly, via their Liberty University account. Students who withdraw from their LU course, but remain continuously enrolled at CVCC will not need to reapply to Liberty University, but students who withdraw and cease attendance at both institutions will need to reapply and would be considered to have broken enrollment. In this instance, an updated invoice will be sent to CVCC to reflect the lower net charges, with reconciliation occurring each semester.
  2. Institutional Contract Liaisons
    • As outlined in Dual Admission and Enrollment Agreement dated October 17, 2016, both schools shall provide liaisons to ensure student success. The liaisons shall be as follows:
      • LU Admissions: Dr. Terry Elam
      • LU External Aid: Katie Marston
      • LU Student Accounts: Jeremy Lakes
      • CVCC Admissions: Emily Muniz
      • CVCC Aid/Student Accounts: Christina Brannon

As with previous agreement, this ADDENDUM is open to annual review/revision by Central Virginia Community College and Liberty University and can be terminated, with a 60 day notice, by either party.

Authorized Signatures

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Liberty University

Ronald E. Hawkins
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Liberty University

Chris E. Johnson
Executive Vice President for Enrollment Management
Liberty University

John S. Capps
Central Virginia Community College

Muriel B. Mickles
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Central Virginia Community College

Michael Farris
Dean of Enrollment Management
Central Virginia Community College