Register your device

Power-driven devices must be registered with Campus Police and the ADA Coordinator.  If the operator of the device needs assistance on campus, he/she is to contact Campus Police and/or the ADA Coordinator. The mobility device owner is responsible for maintaining the vehicle for personal safety and for safety toward others always. The person prescribed the mobility device is the only person who may operate the vehicle on campus.


means a manually-operated or power-driven device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the main purpose of indoor, or of both indoor and outdoor locomotion. This definition does not apply to Federal wilderness areas; wheelchairs in such areas are defined in section 508(c) (2) of the ADA, 42 U.S.C. 12207 (c) (2).


Other power-driven mobility device

means any mobility device powered by batteries, fuel, or other engines, whether or not designed primarily for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, that is used by individuals with mobility disabilities for the purpose of locomotion, including golf cars, electronic personal assistance mobility devices (EPAMDs), such as the Segway® PT, or any mobility device designed to operate in areas without defined pedestrian routes, but that is not a wheelchair within the meaning of this section.



Optimum safety is the primary concern when using mobility devices. Mobility devices, manually-operated or power-driven are to keep to the right in hallways, on sidewalks, and in common areas maintaining movement with traffic. Mobility devices are to be parked inside the classroom, lab, library, etc., not blocking entrances or exits, allowing for space for persons to navigate around the device.