Navigate Student is a free online tool and mobile app that acts acts as your personal guide to Central Virginia Community College. Use Navigate Student to connect to your advisor, stay up to date on your next steps, plan your schedule each semester, tutoring, and visualize your academic progress.
Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Navigate Student.  Navigate Student is not supported by Internet Explorer. 

Advisor – Counselor, Faculty, or Navigator that helps you plan your course of study at CVCC.

Alerts – Alerts are a way to for your instructors to let you know about your status in their course and direct you to resources you may need on campus.

Appointment Scheduling – Navigate allows you to schedule appointments with your advisor, instructor, and tutoring services. 

Guided Pathway – The recommended sequence of courses to take to complete your program of study.

Major Explorer – Helps match your skills and interest to the best fit in programs of study at CVCC and related careers. 

Messaging – CVCC instructors and staff can send you messages via email and text about events and deadlines at CVCC.

Navigator – Advisors for your first year at CVCC.

Payment/Tuition – There are a variety of options and methods to pay your tuition each semester including financial aid, scholarships, loans, payment plan, online and in-person.

Registration – Enrolling in courses needed for your program of study and/or the four-year college in which you intend to transfer.

Resources – A directory of resources that are important to your success as a student at CVCC.