Testing Center Guidelines
  • You must have a picture ID.  No ID, no test.
  • Know your instructors name, the class, and test number.
  • All personal items must be left outside the testing room.  This includes cell phones and purses.  If your test is an open note/book test, all personal items must still be left outside the testing area.
  • NO CELL PHONES are allowed in the testing area. 
  • You are only allowed what your instructor has specifically listed for you on your testing instructions.  If it is not listed then you are not allowed to have it.  This includes if you are allowed a calculator and the type of calculator.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of your own time.
  • Come prepared and arrive at least 2 hours prior to closing.  If you arrive after 2 hours prior to closing, we will not allow you to test. 
  • Failure to follow any of the above guidelines results in you not being able to take your test.


Proctored Testing Procedures
Central Virginia Community College Students:
  • First, please contact your instructor to get approval and to ensure that the Testing Center handles the proctoring for the class.
  • Fill out a Central Virginia Community College Proctor Form and submit it to the Testing Center (testingcenter@centralvirginia.edu) ASAP .  Forms are located on main testing page.  Click on the light blue tab labeled "Proctor Request Form".
  • Proctors cannot be family or relatives of the student.
  • Check with the Testing Center to get confirmation that your proctor form was received.
  • Check with your proctor to confirm that your testing info was sent.
Students from other Colleges & Universities:
  • It is your responsibility to provide any necessary forms that your school  or instructor may require; proctor forms for example.  If you are not a CVCC student, please do not fill out a CVCC proctor form.
  • Call the center several days before you need to test to ensure that we have received your testing information.  If not, you are responsible for contacting your school to have materials sent.
  • We will be glad to scan and email any hard copies of tests back to your school.  However, if you need something mailed you are responsible for bring in an envelope with postage.  We do not mail back any items if you do not provide postage.
  • We DO NOT use any type of expedited mailing which includes: overnight, Fed-Ex, or USPS.
  • Please be aware that when our classes are not in session, we operate with very limited hours or will be closed.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you plan your schedule accordingly. Failure to do so will result in you having to locate another proctor.