ALL graduating students are required to take a graduate assessment and/or program exit exam prior to the end of the semester in which they wish to graduate. The graduate assessment is a series of survey type questions that will allow CVCC administrators to assess general education and major specific achievement. You will be notified via email of specific assessment requirements in the semester in which you file an application to graduate; emails are typically sent about 2-3 weeks after the graduation application deadline. The graduate assessment will not hinder you from graduating, and the results will be kept confidential. Failure to complete the graduation assessments will result in a hold on your academic record, and the hold will prevent you from receiving your diploma until the assessment has been completed. You should allow yourself at least one hour to complete the graduate assessment.

*Students graduating from a Diploma, Certificate, or Career Studies Certificate program are not required to complete the graduate assessment, but are subject to other tests, surveys, or questionnaires to assess general education and major specific achievement. Please check with your division for specific program information.

If you have any questions regarding the graduate assessment, please contact Institutional Effectiveness at 434.832.7887 or by email.


Professional & Career Studies Program Exit Exam Students:

If you are graduating from a Professional & Career Studies program, you are required to complete a program exit exam in addition to the graduate assessment. The exit exams will cover only what you have learned within the degree/certificate you are receiving. For example, business majors will have questions related to specific business topics. There will be no general science, math, or English questions unless those were program specific courses. The exit exam is not timed; however, you should set aside at least one hour to complete the exam.

The program exit exam has no bearing on your degree/certificate or graduation. The scores will be averaged together and reported to the Virginia Community College System central office. If you do not take the exit exam, a "hold" will be placed on your account that will prevent you from receiving college services including transcripts and diplomas. Results of these assessments and exams will be kept confidential and will be used for evaluating and improving college programs and services.

If you are graduating from a program housed under the Professional & Career Studies Division and have questions regarding your program exit exam, please contact the division office.