If you have some career ideas in mind, check out these resources to learn more about each career field.  Check out the qualifications and future job prospects for each of them.  Or use these tools to learn more details about careers that might interest you.

Input key words do or browse careers by industry.  View job outlook, typical job duties, as well as typical salary. 


Indicate a job you have had in the past or a career that interests you and it will suggest possible matches for you. It also links to job openings in those fields.


Explore careers based on keyword, industry, or job title. This comprehensive site is a great way to research details of tasks, knowledge and skills needed to pursue each career.


The Occupational Outlook Handbook can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.


View videos from hundreds of career fields to help you learn more about various industries and careers.  Search by major, industry, or job title to learn more.


Review the type of education and experience you need for your dream career.  


View comprehensive information about expected job growth industries and detailed occupational data by regional areas in Virginia.  Check out the Top 5 in-demand occupations on the first page. Select “Career Search,” to see detailed information about specific careers.