Books Out of Stock

When a book is out of stock, see a bookseller who will give you a prepay form. On this form, you will put your name and email address. Once the book arrives, we will notify you that your copy is in stock. Make sure you bring your pink slip and receipt with you when you come to pick up the book(s).



Make checks payable to “CVCC Bookstore” for the exact amount of the purchase. A valid ID is required: Virginia Driver’s License or CVCC Student ID.



Only Bookstore Management can approve replacements, refunds or exchanges.



Students who have scholarships and/or financial aid may charge books and supplies during the dates posted for each semester according to their agencies policies. Any student who overcharges will be responsible for payment. Suggestions: Students should purchase textbooks and supplementary items needed at the beginning of each semester.

Books are stocked only for the individual semester needs and are returned to the publisher during mid-terms.

Examine books fully for publishing errors or other defects and report them to the bookstore. Keep books free from water damage, excessive highlighting and missing pages in order to sell them back.



Buyback is year round (with the exception of RUSH week) but In order to sell our books back, you must have a valid CVCC ID.


Return Policy
  •  A full refund will be given in your original form of payment if textbooks are returned during the first week of classes with original receipt
  •  With a proof of schedule change and original receipt, a full refund will be given in your original form of payment during up to the last date for add/drop. After this date the normal 48 hour return policy applies.
  •  Other non-returnable items include: shrink-wrapped textbooks, access codes, eBooks, opened software, computers, tablets - see store for details.
  •  No refunds or exchanges are allowed without original receipt.