Admission Requirements & Admissions Process

Prerequisites for admission to the Respiratory Therapy Technology Program:

  1. Three years of high school or equivalent English
  2. Two years of mathematics (one of which must be Algebra)
  3. One year of laboratory science
  4. GPA 2.5 or greater
  5. Anatomy & Physiology, BIO 141 & 142, is built into the program. Completion of BIO 141 & 142 is a highly encouraged pre-requisite, but not mandatory.
  6. Placement into English 111

Students with deficiencies will be required to remediate them through developmental studies prior to being considered for program admission.

Admission requirements for the Respiratory Therapy Technology Program are based on grades, performance on the College’s placement tests, interviews, background checks (per clinical site policy), and demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in an allied health care field. Students should schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss general admission to the college and to the respiratory therapy program.  Students should complete the Allied Health application process by April 15 prior to the fall semester of desired admission. Late applicants will be considered if there are available positions in the program. Applicants must successfully complete a background check prior to final admission into the program.