3D CT of skull sample image

Entrance into the Radiologic Technology program is a multi-step competitive process. Students are accepted into the curriculum only once a year for the fall semester. Students must complete the Allied Health application process by March 1 prior to the fall semester of desired enrollment.

Important Information:

Students desiring entry into the Radiologic Technology program should have good organizational and study skills along with the ability to commit 30-40 hours a week for 6 semesters in order to be successful. Effective communication and critical thinking are essential skills needed for a student to be successful and complete the program. The student will be expected to provide their own transportation to all clinical sites during his/her clinical rotations if accepted into the program.

Students accepted into the program will have to pass a Criminal Background Check, Drug Screen, and will need to complete medical forms.  Students will be required to get the flu shot and TB test annually while in the program. The cost of the drug screen is $42, the background check is $20, and the TB test and medical forms/physician costs will vary depending on where a student goes. Students are also required to get the Hepatitis B vaccination before or during the first semester.