This special promotion is only in conjunction with Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) the manufacturers of Can-Am Spyders™.
How it works

Registering for a three wheel course using the Can-Am tuition assistance is a two-step process.

1. Register and pay BRP (Can-Am) $99.00
  • Click the Learn to Ride button above.
    You do not pay the college directly for this course!

2. Register with CVCC as a Student
  • Complete the steps below to reserve your seat in the class.
You will need to have a student ID number to register for motorcycle classes.
  • Fill out the * Online Admissions Application to begin.
    • * For the application question, "Are you applying for in-state tuition?" be sure to select "Yes" if you are a resident of Virginia.
  • Choose “Credit” for the type of class and select the term you wish to enroll in.
    • If you have ever been a student at any Virginia Community College the system will find your student ID number.
    • If you have never been a student at any Virginia Community College the system will create your student ID number.
    • Once you have your student ID number you can register online
    • Subject: RV/Motorcycle Maintenance (Course # RVH 195 - Sidecar/Trike) .
    • Or call 434.832.7633 to register over the phone with a credit card.
      • Paying at the time of registration holds your seat in the class you selected.


Sidecar/Trike Course: (Course # RVH 195 - Sidecar/Trike) Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP) is designed to teach riders the skills necessary to safely operate a three-wheel vehicle on the street, even if one has never ridden any kind of motorcycle. The 16-hour course takes the rider through the basics of motorcycle operation (controls are much the same as a two-wheel motorcycle), effective braking, turning skills and obstacle avoidance, as well as other safe riding strategies. Sidecar units and Trikes are available for use on Saturday and Sunday but riders are encouraged to bring their own Sidecar/Trike for use on Sunday. The S/TEP is a 1 credit hour course and is priced accordingly. Participants will need to be registered as a student within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Call 434.832.7621 for information. Sidecar/Trike Registration

Click the link to register with the Can-Am Spyders™ tuition assistance program "Learn to Ride".