Application Procedures

The Centra Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program is run in conjunction with CVCC. The application process involves documents received from the Program Director at Centra and from the Admissions and Counseling Departments at CVCC.

To be considered for admission to the MLT program, follow the steps listed below:
  • Apply to CVCC
  • Send official high school and college transcripts to CVCC’s Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Take the placement test required as a curricular student.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet a counselor. Following this appointment, a referral will be sent to the Program Director on behalf of the student. Upon receiving the referral, the student will be mailed an information packet including an application to the MLT program, 3 reference forms, and an essential functions/technical standards form.
  • Return the completed MLT application materials to the provided Centra address.
  • Once all application materials have been returned to the program director, the student will be contacted to schedule an interview with program faculty.
  • Prospective students must complete the program application process by June 30 prior to the fall semester of desired admission.

Admission is limited to 10 students per academic year. To begin the MLT curricular courses, all first-year courses (non-MDL courses) MUST be completed. Students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher with a grade of "C" or better for science (BIO & CHM) and math (MTH) courses. To receive college transfer credits, a minimum grade of “C” is required.