1. Details about fee/credits:
    • This is a 4-credit transferable course (General Biology I). Financial aid will only cover this course if it's in your program pathway.
  2. When/how is the course offered?
    • CVCC offers BIO 101 online and in-person, by a variety of instructors, and usually every term
  3. How will I be graded?
    • That depends on the instructor. A grade of D or better (60%) in BIO 101 is required to allow enrollment in BIO 141. However, a D may not transfer to a four-year institution.
  4. How do I enroll?
    • You can enroll yourself in any BIO 101 course that fits your schedule, provided you meet certain English and Math requirements, or you can ask your counselor to enroll you.
  5. What happens if I fail?
    • An F will show on your transcript and count towards your GPA. You can either re-take the course or take NAS 2 instead. Note that if you need to re-take the course for a third time, a signature will be required from the Arts and Sciences AVP, currently Dr. Cindy Wallin, wallinc@centralvirginia.edu, 434-832-7707.
  6. How is this course content different from NAS 2?
    • This course covers all the material covered in the NAS 2 challenge exam and more.