Use the Class Search to find classes by Semester and Subject.
When searching for classes, the Term and Subject are required.  However, there are many other filtering options to help you narrow your search to the classes that interest you most.
How to find low-cost textbook courses:

Choose the Open Education Resources option under the Any Course Attribute drop-down.
Screenshot of OER dropdown box

How to find online versus on-campus courses:

Use the Instruction Mode drop-down to select type of class, like Online or In Person.
Screenshot of Instruction Mode dropdown box


How to find courses by time of the day or day of the week:

Use the Time Range slider to see classes that meet within a certain time of day and the Days selection boxes to narrow your search to specific days of the week.
Screenshot of Date and Time selections

How to find courses at off-site centers:

Use the Location drop-down to choose the Main CVCC Campus or an Off-site Center.
Screenshot of Location dropdown box