Use the *NEW* Class Search to find classes more easily.
Instructions for the New Class Search to help you narrow your search to the classes that interest you most.

The search page should default to Central Virginia Community College and the current semester. (click for larger view)
Screenshot of Class Search page

If you would like to change the term, click the Change Term button in the top left of the page and choose the desired semester.
Screenshot of Change Term button

To do a basic search type a term in the Search box and hit enter.
Screenshot of Search box

Labs are listed indented just under the associated science course.
Screenshot of class list showing a science and associated lab

To see details about a particular class or lab, click on it. (click for larger view)
Screenshot of class details screen

When you want to perform a new search click on the New Search button in the upper left corner.
Screenshot of New Search button

You can refine your searches by choosing a Subject (or entering a catalog number).
Screenshot of Subject dropdown

You can also filter by Dates, Times, Days of the week, Location, Instructor and more by choosing filter options on the left hand side.
Screenshot of sidebar filters