CVCC Educational Foundation, Inc.

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The CVCC Educational Foundation was established in 1981 and is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded to foster and promote the growth, progress and general welfare of Central Virginia Community College by raising funds, increasing visibility and building community partnerships. The Educational Foundation supports the goals and mission of CVCC by providing funding assistance for student scholarships, instructional equipment purchases, and faculty and staff development opportunities, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community and business leaders from the localities served by the College.

Board of Directors

The foundation's directors serve three year terms. The officers are elected annually.

  • J. Frederick Armstrong, President, Wiley/Wilson
  • Ryan E. McEntire, Vice President, CPA, Brown, Edwards & Co.
  • John Capps, Secretary (ex officio), President, CVCC
  • Lewis A. Bryant, III, Treasurer (ex officio), VP for Finance & Administration, CVCC
  • Vivian Brown, First National Bank of Altavista
  • Timothy Chatlos, Georgia Pacific - Big Island
  • Amy Gallagher, CPA, Davidson, Doyle & Hilton
  • Gregory A. Graham, Southern Air, Inc.
  • Larry E. Jackson, Appalachian Power
  • Wiley V. (Bif) Johnson, III, Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.
  • John T. Kenney
  • Robert Leveque, Retired, R R Donnelley
  • Chet McPhatter, Banker Steel Company
  • James Mercadante, Cintas
  • Robert M. O'Brian, Jr. Lynchburg Ready-Mix
  • P. Tulane Patterson, Generation Solutions, Inc.
  • L. Kimball Payne, III, Retired, City of Lynchburg
  • Reginald Pugh, Retired, AREVA
  • Kathryn M. Pumphrey, Centra Foundation
  • Mitchell W. Reaves, Craftsman Roofing
  • David T. Scott, Greif Riverville, LLC
  • Michael Shadler, Pacific Life
  • Karen S. Simonton, OrthoVirginia
  • Georgeann Snead, Electronic Design & Manufacturing
  • Marjette G. Upshur, City of Lynchburg
  • John A. Watts, Jr., Watts Petroleum
  • Cathy Woody, AREVA
  • Lloyd Tannenbaum, CVCC Local Board Chair (ex officio)
  • Clifton L. Barbieri, Director Emeritus
  • Ron Dolan, Director Emeritus
  • James V. Shircliff, Director Emeritus


Tax Return, Donor List, & Board Meeting Minutes

Further information on the foundation's operations can be found by following this link - financials and minutes.