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PSY 230 - Developmental Psychology
PSY 230 Developmental Psychology ( 3 CR) Studies the development of the individual from conception to death. Follows a life-span perspective on the development of the person's physical, cognitive, and psychosocial growth. Lecture 3 hours per week.
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Fall 2018
230-01MADevelop PsycMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Lofaso
230-02WADevelop PsycVirtualLofaso
230-03MADevelop PsycMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (MW)Lehman
230-04MADevelop PsycMain Campus11:00-12:15pm (TR)Lehman
230-05MADevelop PsycMain Campus9:30-10:45am (TR)Goode
230-06CADevelop PsycMain Campus12:00-1:15pm (M)Burke
230-07TCDevelop PsycAmherst12:00-1:15pm (M)Burke
230-08W22Develop PsycVirtualBurke
230-09XCDevelop PsycAppomattox12:00-1:15pm (M)Burke
230-10FCDevelop PsycBedford12:00-1:15pm (M)Burke
230-12M812Develop PsycMain Campus1:30-3:10pm (TR)Goode
230-13MADevelop PsycMain Campus7:00-9:40pm (M)Moodie
230-16MADevelop PsycMain Campus12:00-1:15pm (TR)Goode
230-18W22Develop PsycVirtualBurke
230-99CADevelop PsycVirtual12:00-1:15pm (M)Burke
Spring 2019
230-01MADevelop PsycMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Lofaso
230-02MADevelop PsycMain Campus9:30-10:45am (TR)Burke
230-03MADevelop PsycMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (MW)Lehman
230-04MADevelop PsycMain Campus7:00-9:40pm (R)Moodie
230-11WADevelop PsycVirtualLofaso
230-12QADevelop PsycMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)Lofaso
230-14QADevelop PsycMain Campus10:35-11:25am (TR)Lehman
230-19W22Develop PsycVirtualBurke
230-20M812Develop PsycMain Campus12:30-2:05pm (TR)Goode
230-20W22Develop PsycVirtualBurke
230-21MADevelop PsycMain Campus11:00-12:15pm (TR)Goode
230-E20XDevelop PsycAppomattox11:00-12:15pm (TR)McFarland
230-E30TDevelop PsycAmherst11:00-12:15pm (MW)Lehman
Summer 2019
230-11WADevelop PsycVirtualLofaso
230-13FHDevelop PsycBedford9:00-10:55am (T)Goode
230-31W22Develop PsycVirtualPiercy
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