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PHY 202 - General College Physics II
PHY 201-202 General College Physics I-II (4 cr.) (4 cr.) Teaches fundamental principles of physics. Covers mechanics, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, and selected topics in modern physics. Prerequisite: MTH 161 or equivalent. Lecture 3 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 6 hours per week.
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Spring 2019
202-01OAGen Col Phy IICampbell Co8:45-11:15am (T)Laub
Gen Col Phy II (lab)Campbell Co8:45-11:15am (R)Laub
202-02JDGen Col Phy IIJFHS9:30-12:00pm (M)Laub
202-03MAGen Col Phy IIMain Campus5:30-8:00pm (M)Laub
Gen Col Phy II (lab)Main Campus5:30-8:00pm (W)Laub
202-2JLDGen Col Phy IIJFHS9:30-12:00pm (W)Laub
Summer 2019
202-31M22Gen Col Phy IIMain Campus5:30-7:25pm (MTWR)Laub
Gen Col Phy II (lab)Main Campus7:30-9:25pm (MTWR)Laub
Gen Col Phy II (lab)Main Campus3:25-5:20pm (MTWR)Laub
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