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MUS 121 - Music Appreciation I
MUS 121, 122 Music Appreciation I, II (3 cr.) (3 cr.) Increases the variety and depth of the student's interest, knowledge, and involvement in music and related cultural activities. Acquaints the student with traditional and twentieth century music literature, emphasizing the relationship music has as an art form with man and society. Increases the student¿s awareness of the composers and performers of all eras through listening and concert experiences. Lecture 3 hours per week.
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Fall 2018
121-01MAMus Appr IMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)Hendricks
121-02MAMus Appr IMain Campus5:30-6:45pm (TR)Hoard
121-03OADMus Appr ICampbell Co11:10-12:25pm (TR)Mills
121-04TAMus Appr IAmherst9:30-10:45am (MW)Hoard
121-06WAMus Appr IVirtualKobler
121-07XAMus Appr IAppomattox11:00-12:15pm (TR)Hoard
121-08FDDMus Appr IBedford9:25-10:15am (MWF)Mills
121-09FDDMus Appr IBedford10:30-11:20am (MWF)Mills
Spring 2019
121-01WAMus Appr IVirtualKobler
121-03WDDMus Appr IVirtualKobler
121-E02JDMus Appr IJFHS8:00-9:15am (MW)Hoard
Summer 2019
121-11WAMus Appr IVirtualKobler
121-21M11Mus Appr IMain Campus4:00-6:40pm (MTR)Hendricks
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