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ENG 112 - College Composition II
ENG 112 College Composition II (3 cr.) Continues to develop college writing with increased emphasis on critical essays, argumentation, and research, developing these competencies through the examination of a range of texts about the human experience. Requires students to locate, evaluate, integrate, and document sources and effectively edit for style and usage. Prerequisite  ENG 111. Lecture 3 hours per week.
Class-SecCourse TitleLocation Times (Days)Instructor
Fall 2018
112-01HACol Compos IIMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-02THCol Compos IIAmherst10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-03FHCol Compos IIBedford10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-05HACol Compos IIMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (M)Kashmar
112-06MACol Compos IIMain Campus8:00-9:15am (TR)Babcock
112-07MACol Compos IIMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Beverly
112-08MACol Compos IIMain Campus12:30-1:45pm (TR)Latimer
112-10MACol Compos IIMain Campus9:30-10:45am (TR)Babcock
112-11MACol Compos IIMain Campus7:00-8:15pm (TR)Kashmar
112-12W812Col Compos IIVirtualHubbard
112-13WACol Compos IIVirtualNelson
112-18W22Col Compos IIVirtualGaumer
112-99HACol Compos IIVirtual10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
Spring 2019
112-01HACol Compos IIMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-02THCol Compos IIAmherst10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-03FHCol Compos IIBedford10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-05MACol Compos IIMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Poff
112-06MACol Compos IIMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)Poff
112-08MACol Compos IIMain Campus12:00-1:15pm (MW)Latimer
112-09MACol Compos IIMain Campus2:00-3:15pm (MW)Latimer
112-10MACol Compos IIMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Sizemore
112-11W22Col Compos IIVirtualGaumer
112-13WACol Compos IIVirtualNelson
112-14MACol Compos IIMain Campus8:00-9:15am (TR)Babcock
112-15MACol Compos IIMain Campus9:30-10:45am (TR)Babcock
112-16W812Col Compos IIVirtualHubbard
112-17MACol Compos IIMain Campus11:00-12:15pm (TR)Babcock
112-18MACol Compos IIMain Campus2:00-3:15pm (TR)Latimer
112-20MACol Compos IIMain Campus9:00-9:50am (MWF)Morgan
112-21M812Col Compos IIMain Campus5:30-7:30pm (MW)Koshy
112-30MACol Compos IIMain Campus11:00-11:50am (MWF)Morgan
112-37QACol Compos IIMain Campus8:00-8:50am (MWF)Morgan
112-38QACol Compos IIMain Campus10:00-10:50am (MWF)Morgan
112-49TACol Compos IIAmherst1:00-2:15pm (MW)Elam
112-58HACol Compos IIMain Campus1:00-2:15pm (M)Nelson
112-98FACol Compos IIBedford9:00-10:15am (MW)Fisher
112-99HACol Compos IIVirtual10:00-10:50am (MW)Velez
112-E04MCol Compos IIMain Campus8:00-8:50am (MWF)Sizemore
112-E39ODCol Compos IICampbell Co9:45-10:35am (MWF)Elam
112-E42XCol Compos IIAppomattox8:00-9:15am (MW)Huffman
112-E43XCol Compos IIAppomattox8:00-9:15am (TR)Huffman
112-E44FDCol Compos IIBedford9:25-10:15am (MWF)Sand
112-E45FDCol Compos IIBedford10:45-11:35am (MWF)Sand
112-E46JDCol Compos IIJFHS10:45-12:00pm (TR)Green
112-E48TCol Compos IIAmherst9:30-10:45am (MW)Slatton
Summer 2019
112-10MACol Compos IIMain Campus10:00-12:00pm (MW)Elam
112-11WACol Compos IIVirtualLatimer
112-12WACol Compos IIVirtualHubbard
112-31W22Col Compos IIVirtualNelson
112-32M22Col Compos IIMain Campus7:00-9:00pm (MTR)Moodie
112-32T22Col Compos IIAmherst9:00-11:00am (MTWR)TBA
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