Students walking across campus

Student  Development (SDV)

SDV 100 College Success Skills (1 cr.) Assists students in transition to colleges. Provides overviews of college policies, procedures, and curricular offerings. Encourages contacts with other students and staff. Assists students toward college success through information regarding effective study habits, career and academic planning, and other college resources available to students. Includes instruction in networked information resources and in the use of telecommunication software. May include English and math placement testing. Strongly recommended for beginning students. Required for graduation. Lecture 1 hour per week.

SDV 101 Orientation To Communication Design (1 cr.) Introduces students to the skills which are necessary to achieve their academic goals, to services offered at the college and to the discipline in which they are enrolled. Covers topics such as services at the college including the learning resources center; counseling, and advising; listening, test taking, and study skills; and topical areas which are applicable to their particular discipline. Lecture 1-3 hours per week.